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About The Guild of Guardians

The Guild of Guardians was initially established to enhance the good name of the city of Bristol, its traditions, its trade and its commerce. It started out by supporting the Office of the Lord Mayor and in particular the Lord Mayor’s Mansion House and Chapel, but has evolved into a significant business networking organisation and charity supporting many good causes in the city.


What can the Guild of Guardians offer to you?


Our aim is to create a thriving hub for business and trade with a strong sense of community and heritage. We are focused on creating a meaningful network for organisations with shared values and aspirations, fostering collaboration and showcasing the city’s strengths and accomplishments to the widest audiences. 


Since 1978, the Guild of Guardians has played an active part in Bristol’s twinning ties and international relations, ensuring the city’s traditions, trade and commerce are promoted and showcased on an international stage. We also continue to support the Lord Mayor’s office and the Mansion House in Clifton, where we hold many of our annual events.

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