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The Guild of Guardians is established to promote the good name of the City of Bristol, its traditions, its trade and its commerce.  It  aims to contribute to and improve the quality of the Civic life of the City of Bristol. In partnership with the City, the Guild continues to support and enhance the  Office of Lord Mayor. Membership of the Guild  affords the opportunity  to engage with significant decision-makers across the full spectrum of Bristol life and to make a difference to the city.  

Each year a substantial proportion of the contribution from members’ fees and  subscriptions is directed to its registered  charity fund for appropriate purposes. (See Projects)

To learn more about the history of the role of the Lord Mayor of Bristol visit YouTube to view a short film


The Guild of Guardians was founded during 1978 by

The Guild of Guardians was founded during 1978 by the late Mr. Alfred Telling CBE who, at the time, was heading an appeal to acquire the Bomford Collection of Ancient Glass for the City Museum and Art Gallery.

This led to an awareness of the poor state of the glassware, silverware and other features of the Mansion House, gifted to the Council in 1874 by its original builder and first occupant Alderman Thomas Proctor, to which many important visitors and dignitaries came when they visited Bristol. Mr. Telling decided with the Lord Mayor of the day to start an organisation, whose objective would be to enhance the Mansion House and assist the Lord Mayoralty in Bristol. They formed the 'Guild of Guardians'.

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