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The Officers, with exception of the Master, are elected each year by the Guardians at the AGM in November. The Master Elect takes on the office of Master the following year. The current Officers of the Guild are:

The Master (Bill Marshall)
Immediate Past Master (Jon Press)
Master Elect (Donna Speed)
Senior Guardian (Andrew Glynn)
Honorary Treasurer (Joe Scaife)


The Guild is managed by an executive committee known as the First Committee, which consists of the Officers and up to four co-opted members, including two Past Masters:

Bill & John_edited.jpg

Jon Press, Master 2021/22 and

Bill Marshall, Master, 2022-2023


Membership of the Guild is a corporate one, where the individual representing any organisation may change from time to time with the agreement of the Master and First Committee. There are approximately forty companies and ten charitable trusts in membership at present, all represented by a senior executive, as well as a number of personal members. All members are called Guardians.

Membership is by invitation of the First Committee who may invite any former Guardian who is Past Master or who has rendered other significant services to the Guild, to be a personal member. Honorary Membership may be granted by the First Committee to a person distinguished in any field consistent with the aims of the Guild.

Member Organisation and  Representative Guardian

Alder King                                                           Simon Price

Alec French Architects                                      Nigel Dyke

Bishop Fleming LLP                                           Joe Scaife                             

Bristol Port Company                                        John Chaplin

Bristol & Bath Regional Capital                        Edward Rowberry

Bristol & West of England China Bureau        Dianne Francombe

Bristol Water plc                                                 Mel Karam

Bristol Zoological Society                                  Justin Morris

Burges-Salmon                                                   Patrick Robinson

Business West                                                     James Durie                    

City of Bristol College                                         Richard Harris                    

Corrigan Associates Ltd                                     Edward Corrigan 

Evelyn                                                                    John Davies                            Ferguson Brown Limited                                   Helen Crawford                   

Grant Thornton                                                   Tim Lincoln               

Kendall Kingscott                                                 Jon Press

Moon Executive Search                                      Vanessa Moon

Quartet Community Foundation                      Suzanne Rolt

Rose Health Partnership                                    Sandie Foxall-Smith

Space Engineering Services Ltd                        Braden Harris

SS Great Britain                                                    Matthew Tanner

St Peter’s Hospice                                                Frank Noble

The Society of Merchant Venturers                  Caroline Duckworth

Thrings LLP                                                           Jane Oakland

TLT LLP                                                                  Andrew Glynn

University of the West of England                     William Marshall

Veale Wasbrough Vizards                                   Kellie Thatcher

We the Curious                                                     Donna Speed                        


Personal Members

 Keith Bonham                      Bill Harding                           James Myatt

 Richard Bonner                    Nigel Hardy                          David Pople

 Chris Carwardine                 Sam  Hemmings                  Nigel Puddicombe

 Steve Eggington                    John Hollingdale                 Tim Stevenson 

 Peter Ferguson                     Michael Kent                        Martin Whife                                                                                                                  Simon Prescott


David Clarke - Life Member

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