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The Mansion House.... and a whole lot more

Over its 40 year history the Guild has supported a number of local projects every year.

These have included

  • Reintroducing the extra minute hand on the Corn Exchange clock to signify that prior to 1841 Bristol had its own time in that it was 11 minutes ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.

  • Reinstatement of the office of 'City Waits'.Each year two young musicians are selected to receive a bursary to assist in their future education. At this event the recipients have the privilege of wearing the old 'Chains of Office of the City Waits' which date back to 1648.

  • In 1994 the Alfred Telling Scholarship was launched to give young people who are resident in the City an opportunity to explore or begin a career and develop initiatives which will lead to a greater development of the individual. A number of young people have now benefited from awards.

  • The Tom Clarke Memorial Award is given annually to an outstanding engineering student graduating from the City Of Bristol College.

Whilst a clear focus for the Guild has included the maintenance of the beautiful Mansion House, it is increasingly supporting a wider span of Bristol developments, which recently has seen:

  • The establishment of a Twinning Signpost on College Green

  • Renewal of the sign and noticeboard of the Lord Mayor's Chapel on Park Street

  • Affiliation with HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Flying Fox

  • Financial support for a range of twinning and international projects with which the city is involved.

  • Wild Place Pond Project - financial assistance to an innovative environmental and educational development project, detailed below

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With the blessing of the Guild of Guardians’ First Committee, we have agreed to work with Wild Place to support the development of a significant pond project that will play its part in long-term conservation and be a lasting visible legacy of the Guild of Guardians.

Project activities include an extensive programme of surveys, restoration, maintenance and education to be carried out in and around the pond sites at Wild Place Project, specifically consisting of the following:



Wildlife surveys: baseline surveys of vegetation and wildlife, be including the use of camera traps and collection of environmental DNA


Maintenance works: including opening up of pathways and creation of boardwalks and de-silting the ponds.


Habitat enhancement: provision of animal boxes and natural refuges and a focus on optimising conditions for great crested newts. 

Community action days: involving volunteers helping restoration work and learning new skills.

 Outreach events: welcoming local community and school groups to attend education sessions.

 Restoration and maintenance: to build capacity and skill whilst breathing life back into a neglected habitat.  Once the major works have been undertaken, the maintenance will be manageable and sustainable, able to be carried out by volunteers along with input from students and community groups.

We are proud to support this worthy environmental initiative.  The contribution from the Guild will have a lasting and visible acknowledgement within the community of people visiting Wild Place. 

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